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How to Migrate Your Static Pages to WordPress

Update: This post applies to older versions of WordPress, and will not work with more recent versions.

If you have an existing web site and you’re adding WordPress to it, then you probably have a set of static pre-WordPress web pages that look completely different from your blog. Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to migrate those static web pages so that they use your currently selected WordPress template.

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Eliminate “Click to Activate”

I recently updated the web pages for my Java applets so that you don’t need to click to activate an applet before using it. You can go here to read the gory details about why most browsers now force you to click to activate controls and applets. I knew that it was possible to work around the problem, but when I went looking for a quick answer on the Web I was surprised at how hard it was to find a simple explanation of the problem and a concise example that demonstrated how to solve it. I hope that this post will help fill that gap.

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