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8 Essential WordPress Plugins

One of the wonderful things about WordPress is its extensibility–hundreds of free plugins for WordPress are available. Now that I’ve used WordPress for a few months I have settled on a set of plugins that allow WordPress to function well according to my needs. Of those, there are a core set of plugins that I feel are essential for just about any WordPress installation. Following is my recommended list of WordPress plugins.

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How to Fix your WordPress Comment Feed Name

Many RSS feed aggregators (like Bloglines, for example) alphabetize the feed names that you’re subscribed to. If you set up WordPress and test your RSS feeds in such a news reader, you’ll notice that your main feed and your comments feed are probably not listed next to each other. To make it easier for your loyal readers to track what’s going on with your site, those feeds should be sorted alphabetically so that they clump together. Read on for a quick solution.

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How to Fix Post Previews in WordPress

Update: This post applies to older versions of WordPress. For more recent versions of WordPress, see solutions in the comments below.

I’ve used WordPress for a couple of months now, and so far I really like it. It’s free, it’s pretty easy to set up, it’s extensible, and the WordPress user community has created a huge number of really great WordPress themes and plug-ins. In all, WordPress does a really good job of helping you publish and syndicate content.

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How to Migrate Your Static Pages to WordPress

Update: This post applies to older versions of WordPress, and will not work with more recent versions.

If you have an existing web site and you’re adding WordPress to it, then you probably have a set of static pre-WordPress web pages that look completely different from your blog. Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to migrate those static web pages so that they use your currently selected WordPress template.

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