Announcing the Copyright Plugin for WordPress

I’m pleased to announce the Copyright Plugin version 0.9 (beta) for WordPress. If you want to insure that your copyright notices display the correct dates in WordPress, then you may find this little plugin useful.

In the United States (and possibly other countries) a copyright notice should include the range of dates that the copyright covers. This would include the first date of publication as well as the most recent date for which the copyright was renewed. For example, if you first published some material in 1996 and updated it in 2007, you may want your copyright notice to include the date range “1996-2007”.

If you publish your content with WordPress, you can use the Copyright Plugin to automatically maintain that date range for you. Installation and configuration instructions are on the plugin homepage. For an example of this plugin in action, browse through the posts, pages, and external static pages of this web site.

If you have have questions, comments, or bug reports, please feel to contact me or post a reply below.

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