Version 1.1 of the Copyright Plugin for WordPress

I’m pleased to announce Version 1.1 of the Copyright Plugin for WordPress. If you want to insure that your copyright notices automatically display the correct dates in WordPress, then you need this plugin.

The only new feature of this updated version of the Copyright Plugin is that it has been internationalized to make it easy to translate the user interface strings to other languages. (If you localize the Copyright Plugin strings to your native language, please send me the .po file and I’ll include your translation in the next release. See the WordPress translation tools list for help on getting started on providing plugin loclalizations.)

The Copyright Plugin has proven popular in Italy, and so the first localization that I am providing with this release of the Copyright Plugin is Italian. Unfortunately I’ve only had about six months of Italian language instruction, so there are bound to be problems with my translation. If you have feedback or corrections, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For a description of the plugin, you can read the original announcement or just go to the download page.

If you have have questions, comments, or bug reports, please feel to contact me or post a reply below.

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